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Investment Performance of Prudential AVCs

NILGOSC members have the option to pay additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) to top up a pension or to provide additional life cover.  AVCs are paid directly to an AVC provider and are invested separately in funds managed by the provider. AVC investments depend on the contributions paid, the performance of the investments and interest rates at retirement. 

Prudential is the current in-house AVC provider for new contributors and information on the performance of the funds in which AVCs are invested is provided below. 




2017 Quarter 4

2016 Quarter 4

2017 Quarter 3

2016 Quarter 3

2018 Quarter 2

2017 Quarter 2

2016 Quarter 2

2018 Quarter 1

2017 Quarter 1

2016 Quarter 1

Copies of reports for previous years are available on request from 

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