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LGPS Review Group review 2014 Scheme

29 May 2013

The Local Government Pension Scheme Review Group has made recommendations to the Minister of the Environment on the design of the new scheme which will be introduced in Northern Ireland in April 2014. This Review Group is now considering governance and a cost control mechanism.

The Review Group is made up of four employer representatives, from local government, housing, education and transport, and four trade union representatives, NIPSA, GMB, Unison and Unite. The Review Group is chaired by a senior official from the Department of the Environment and advised by NILGOSC.

Click here to find out more about the new 2014 scheme negotiations.

The website below outlines what the LGPS (England and Wales) 2014 scheme will provide and it is expected the NI scheme will be very similar, with the exception of the employee contribution bands (link to our pay bands).

A full update will be available once draft LGPS (NI) regulations are issued by the Department of Environment.