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Life Cover - Survivors' Pensions

This page will be amended to reflect the recent judgment that indicates that members will no longer need to nominate an eligible cohabiting partner in order for the surviving cohabiting partner to receive a survivor’s benefit.


If you die your widow, widower, civil partner or eligible cohabiting partner will receive a pension equal to: 

    Your accrued pension for membership in the Scheme after 31 March 2015 recalculated as if it had built up at a rate of 1/160th (including any enhancement given if the retirement was on ill-health grounds), plus

    49/160th of the amount of any pension credited to your pension account following a transfer in, plus

    1/60th of your assumed pensionable pay for each year of membership that you would have built up from your date of death to your normal pension age, plus

    1/160th of your final pay times the period of your membership in the Scheme up to 31 March 2015 upon which your pension is based.

  • (The pension payable to a nominated cohabiting partner is only based on the period of membership after 5 April 1988.)
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