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09 September 2016

london awards

At a special event in London on 1 September NILGOSC received industry recognition for its work on responsible investment.

NILGOSC manages a pension fund currently valued at £6.3bn with the aim of maximising the returns necessary to meet the Scheme liabilities. But in addition NILGOSC believes that environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues can affect the performance of investments. NILGOSC has therefore developed a Responsible Investment policy which provides a framework for incorporate ESG issues into its investments.  

Since 2010 NILGOSC has only appointed fund managers that genuinely take ESG issues into account which has meant ruling out many managers on many occasions. Each manager is assessed quarterly on its ESG credentials.

NILGOSC voted at over 500 company meetings in line with its own Voting Policies and engaged with those companies it voted against. It co-filed resolutions on climate risk at the 2015 Shell and BP AGMs, and the 2016 Rio Tinto and Anglo American AGMs. All four resolutions were passed by an overwhelming majority of shareholders.

NILGOSC also has a separate Climate Risk Policy which influences its investment process. At the time of the COP21 summit it held its own summit in London with all of its Board members, investment staff and each fund manager in order to challenge managers to demonstrate how Climate Risk was considered as part of their portfolios.

NILGOSC also collaborates with other global investors and is a member of the UN PRI, LAPFF and a group of the UK's largest pension fund RI experts. As part of the latter it contributed to the publication of the UK Pension Fund Guide to Responsible Investment Reporting in Public Equity which was promulgated by the PLSA.

The award makes it back safely to the office. Pictured Sarah Ferguson, Louise Hickland, Rebecca Boyd, Ciara Keenan, Melissa Kennedy and David Murphy