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Review of State Pension Age

21 July 2016



In March 2016 John Cridland CBE, ex-Director General of the CBI, was appointed by the Government to undertake the UK's first State Pension Age review. The independent review is responsible for gathering evidence on State Pension Age including whether the current system of a universal State Pension age rising in line with life expectancy is optimal in the long run. The Review aims to publish an interim report in Autumn 2016 and make its final recommendations by May 2017.

Do you have any views on whether workers can or should work until older? Would increasing the State Pension Age help or hinder your business? Is pegging the State Pension Age to longevity the best process for the individual, the economy, the taxpayer and the country? How would a change in SPA affect the Public Service Pension Schemes?

NILGOSC is hosting an interactive Seminar with John Cridland and his Review team at which he will outline the work of the Review and, more importantly, hear the views of stakeholders from Northern Ireland. We expect that this seminar will be of interest to Employers (both private and public sector), Trade Unions, Public Representatives, Age Sector Voluntary organisations, and Pensions schemes (again both private and public sector). Details are as follows:-

Tuesday 23rd August 2016 at 2.30 p.m.

Stormont Hotel, Belfast

There will be no cost to attend. To register please email your name, organisation, email address and contact telephone number to by 19 August 2016.